Homeowner: More damages left behind after DDC hires private contractor to fix sidewalk

A homeowner in Gravesend says the sidewalk in front of his home is more damaged after a private contractor was hired by the city to fix it.
Vincent Salino says the contractor was fixing damage caused by some tree roots. He says during the repairs in March, a pole from his driveway gate was damaged.
Salino also says the contractor's vehicles cracked the sidewalk, which could cause someone to get hurt."The problem with bending metal back into place is that it never sets the same way, and now the concrete is damaged and it doesn't work properly it doesn't open," said Salino.
The city's Department of Design and Construction says the contractor came back in August to repair the gate. They promised someone would check the gate and make repairs if necessary.
Salino says somebody did come recently, but they left without doing anything.