Housing activists rally for tenants displaced in 2015

A group of activists rallied outside the city's housing court Tuesday afternoon to demand a group of displaced tenants be allowed to return home after more than two years.
The Department of Buildings ordered 94 Franklin Ave. vacated because of the landlord's alleged illegal construction outside in 2015. That resulted in the residents being forced out. Some of the tenants, like Najary Torres, have spent the time living in shelters as they await a fix.
Since the DOB shutdown, the tenants have been embroiled in a legal battle with the landlord, who they want removed from control and replaced with an administrator responsible for making repairs.
The landlord's attorney did not immediately respond to a News 12 Brooklyn request for comment. 
The Department of Buildings issued an order Tuesday demanding the owner make the building safe for the tenants to return to within 60 days.