‘I realized the power of science.’- Brooklyn Preschool of Science now has 3 locations

Some preschoolers in Brooklyn are learning about helicopters and so much more through a school of science catered to just them.
Carmelo Piazza was a science teacher with the Department of Education for 20 years, but in 2013 he launched the Brooklyn Preschool of Science.
The preschool now has three locations.
"I realized the power of science - the power of inquiry - and I just thought what better way to impact on a child's life than when they're 2, 3 or 4,” said Piazza.
This week the theme was “How Things Move.”
"We're learning about simple machines and simple machines make the work easier. The kids are making really amazing paper helicopters,” said Piazza.
Kids got to color their helicopters and share their excitement.