'I was attacked because I’m an MTA worker.' News 12 speaks with subway station agent attacked on the job

A subway station agent attacked on the job is speaking out for the very first time, as police have released a big update in the case.  
Station agent Babou Singh, an MTA employee for over 27 years, finally returned to the scene of the crime that left him bloodied and bruised at the Nereid Avenue 2 train subway station, where he was waiting for the subway to head into work in his uniform.  
“Someone came from behind, and pummeled me on my face and head. I suffered a fractured nose, a fractured facial bone, and swelling all around my head,” said Singh. “I think I was attacked because I’m an MTA worker.” 
Police say the 74-year-old MTA employee was attacked by 30-year-old Anthony Williams, who is now in NYPD custody. He has been charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and harassment. 
Union leaders with Transit Workers Union-Local 100 are pushing for stricter penalties against attackers to prevent repeat offenders. The union says that assaults on bus operators are up around 39%, and that they are up a whopping 70% for subway workers.  
Over one week after the attack took place, Singh says he’s still feeling dizzy and in pain – and isn’t sure when he’ll be able to clock back into work.