Ice Spice mural unveiled at Dunkin'

A new mural honoring Bronx native Ice Spice was unveiled Wednesday at the Dunkin' off Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue.
Dozens of fans came from all over the Bronx to try the new Ice Spice Latte that contains Munchkins blended into the latte. 
The new latte combines the flavors of the Munchkins mixed with the taste of frozen coffee. Not only were fans able to get their hands on the new drink, but they were also able to snag some free donuts with Ice Spice's face on them.
This was only a promotion on Wednesday, as the new mural was unveiled just a few blocks from where she lived.
The artist who designed the mural, Kamille Jerta, says it took five days to complete, but Wednesday was all worth it to bring an iconic figure from the Bronx permanently into the Dunkin' she used to visit on her daily commute.