'I'm depressed in this apartment.' Melrose mother wants NYCHA to replace removed cabinets

Maritza Ortiz believes the removal was due to growing mold in the wall. She's now worried that it will impact her son who has asthma.

News 12 Staff

Jun 4, 2023, 11:08 PM

Updated 355 days ago


A Melrose mother is pleading for help after putting in various tickets with NYCHA concerning the removal of her apartment's cabinets.
Maritza Ortiz says she has not heard back from the housing authority.
"I call this apartment 'the devil apartment' because I'm depressed in this apartment," Ortiz said.
She said that a worker who took her cabinets said that he would be back at the “end of October” to replace them.
She says there was no clear reason as to why the cabinets were taken off. But Ortiz says she thinks it is because there may be mold in the wall.
"There's mold growing in the bathroom... the bathroom is connected to the kitchen, so it has to be that," she says.
Her 14-year-old son who lives with her has asthma and is afraid the conditions she's living under may impact him.
NYCHA told News 12 that it will send staff to visit the apartment and will follow up to complete any necessary work and address resident concerns. Ortiz, however, doubts that will happen.
"I don't think they're going to come. They always say that," she says.

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