Immigrant workers rally over unpaid wages

Workers rallied on the Grand Concourse on Thursday demanding that they be properly paid. 
Over a dozen immigrant workers told News 12 they have not received their wages from NGC Cleaning Services. They say that wages have been stolen in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn.  
Those at the rally were joined by nonprofit New Immigrant Community Empowerment, who told News 12 that they’re owed more than $21,000. They say that this is unbearable on top of the adversity and abuse immigrant workers face in New York City.  
News 12 tried to reach out to the cleaning service but was connected to a woman who owns a company with a very similar name. She told News 12 that she has been receiving calls from the IRS regarding these wage thefts that have been reported.  
“We know that a lot of these companies are unlicensed, they’re picking up workers… or just those looking for work and they’re really taking advantage of the need of workers,” said Sara, a representative from New Immigrant Community Empowerment. “They need dignified jobs, not jobs that are paying less than minimum wage, not jobs that aren't paying them.” 
News 12 reached out to the Better Business Bureau, which says it has no record of NGC Cleaning Services at this time.