Indoor gym classes to resume at 33% capacity on Monday

Indoor fitness classes will be back in the five boroughs on Monday with Gov. Andrew Cuomo announcing that they can resume at 33% capacity.
It's been over a year since Sweet Water Dance and Yoga in Concourse Village had group classes inside their studio. And even though they've hosted individual and online instruction, they say it hasn't been the same.
Sweet Water founder and CEO Yosara Trujillo said profits have plummeted, and the simple fact that they're still open is an accomplishment. More than that though, it's also the community feeling that's been missing and judging by the fact that the spots in the first few available classes sold out almost immediately, customers agree.
The poles in the studio are already socially distanced, but to comply with the 33% limit, they'll be allowing just one person at each of them, so only one instructor and four students will be permitted at a time.
While tape has been put on the floor for spacing during classes with mats, it's not what it was before, but after the last year, it's still welcome.
"The last year has been literally nothing short of absolutely devastating for us financially, and if we've made it, it's been because we literally have clients and a community both individual and private, as well as now corporate community that have made sure that we've stayed alive, and the relief that we're feeling right now of having being able to open and having survived, that's just in and of itself, such a benchmark for us," Trujillo says.
While the indoor classes are allowed to start on Monday, Sweet Water is actually going to spend this next week dotting their I's and crossing their T's for any potential health inspection, then start with those indoor group pole classes on Monday March 29.