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Indoor play space in Williamsburg provides fun, bonding time for parents & young children

An indoor play space for young children in Williamsburg is also helping parents bond with their kids.

Katelynn Ulrich

May 31, 2024, 11:23 AM

Updated 18 days ago


The Canopy NYC CEO and founder Rachel Beider says she envisioned moments of adventure for young children and time to bond for parents.
She says she was without those opportunities during the pandemic.
"I had terrible postpartum depression and anxiety with my first baby, and I was really concerned about it," said Beider. "I was thinking how I wanted it to be different this time."
While pregnant with her second child, Beider began the process of opening the Williamsburg space. It is only open to children 4 years old or younger.
They can play with anything, they can go to puppet shows, yoga classes with parents and more.
New parents tell News 12 they are grateful for the space.
"You spend a lot of time by yourself and in your head, and here, even the calming and soothing music allows you to really rest and enjoy your child interacting with others," said new mom Jacky Fierro.
A monthly membership allows access to the full space and discounted classes. Classes are open to the general public for $30 a class.

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