Investigations Continue After Two Men Found Dead in Brooklyn Creek

Investigations continue as NYPD officers are still piecing together what happened after two men were found dead in the waters of Newtown Creek less than two months apart.
People in the Williamsburg community are calling on the city to ensure nightlife safety in East Williamsburg, saying they’re worried about the future of nightlife in the area. They hope the city has a plan to improve safety.
“I think it’s shaken up more than just Williamsburg, to be honest. I think folks in Ridgewood and nearby Bushwick also, but citywide,” said Councilmember Jennifer Gutiérrez, who says her inbox has been flooded with concerns from constituents after the two bodies were found.
“I think people have a right to be scared. We haven’t gotten a full rundown from the NYPD on the sequence of events and what happened in both instances," Gutiérrez said.
On Tuesday, officers recovered the body of John Castic after investigators said he was last seen at the Brooklyn Mirage over the weekend. Castic is the second man to disappear after leaving the venue. Nearly two months ago, Karl Clemente was reported missing and days later, his body was found floating in the same creek.
People in the community say it gets very dark at night after leaving the Brooklyn Mirage, with little to no cell service. The Brooklyn Mirage said in an Instagram post that they are saddened by the recent deaths of Castic and Clemente. Out of respect for those affected, they declined further comment.
Police say they are still investigating if the two incidents are connected.