Officials say babies found dead were just recently born; umbilical cord, placenta found on scene

Officials say the infant boys found behind a Bronx apartment building Monday were recently born and that the placenta and umbilical cord was found at the scene.
Police sources say they are investigating two scenarios and are trying to figure out how the newborn babies ended up dead and wrapped in paper.
They say someone could have snuck behind the building to place them there or the babies could have been dropped out of one of the apartment windows. 
Officers say a super of a building found two newborn boys wrapped in brown paper on the floor unconscious Monday. 
The babies were rushed to the hospital around 1:40 p.m. where they were pronounced dead.
Neighbors were stunned to hear the babies weren’t given a chance to live. In New York City, the Abandoned Infant Protection Act gives the parent 30 days to abandon their baby in a safe manner at a suitable location like a hospital or fire station, and the parent won’t be guilty of a crime.
Police are trying to find out what happened to the parents. "We're asking the public for help. If you can, if you know something, can you please call? It would really help the investigation,” says Timothy McCormack, commanding officer, detective borough Bronx.
News 12 is waiting for the medical examiner to release the newborns’ cause of death. Those details will help police know more about what happened.