“It just missed my mom” – Bullet fired into Bronx apartment leaves family shaken

A Bronx woman is still shaken after a bullet was fired into her apartment while her children were home, narrowly missing her mother.  
The NYPD has arrested 29-year-old Eric Santiago in connection with the shots fired incident. They say he is the tenant of the apartment directly above the family. He faces multiple charges, including criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, and possession of a large capacity ammo device.  
According to police, they found a bullet on the living room floor and holes in the ceiling and floor. The tenant – who asked not to be identified – says her kids are traumatized from the experience.  
“They’re nervous, their anxiety is through the roof,” said the tenant. “They scared to go to the kitchen by themselves, they scared to go to the bathroom by themselves, they're always behind me.” 
The bullet pierced the ceiling, then bounced off of the wall right above a couch that the tenant says her mother was sleeping on.  
“It just missed my mom,” said the tenant. “She’s not OK, at all… she’s not OK.”