'It's really us.' Content creators Maleni, Chicklet talk new podcast 'That's Your Reality'

Their unique relationship has taken the world by storm, and now they're letting fans into a dose of their reality with a new podcast.
News 12's Elly Morillo spoke with Maleni and Chicklet on the pros and cons of having their dynamic easily accessible for the world to see, and say it is not always what it seems. 
"When we are so invested in something that we're putting out into the universe and to social media and then it doesn't react or we don't get the response that we want, it discourages us a little bit. The algorithm is just always fluctuating," Maleni tells News 12.
Now, they are opening up to fans with their podcast, "That's Your Reality," and giving them an opportunity to hear their thoughts.
Behind the magic is THIS Group Inc., an acronym that stands for trust, honesty, integrity and success. It's a mantra that Myq Rodriguez, Donovan McLeod and Rick Hierro say symbolizes the company's ethic.
Hierro's award-winning podcast is also behind the powerhouse. "The Rick H. Show" has released more than 100 episodes and taken home two Latin Podcast awards.
"You may see us in a year and be like hey this is something different, but I think we're really going in a good direction with the right people," Rodriguez tells News 12.
"If you find your passion, just become obsessed," said Hierro. "We're putting on for New York," said McLeod.