Jamie Towers residents fighting for clean water, say they've dealt with dirty supply for years

Residents at Jamie Towers in Castle Hill are fighting for clean water and say for years they've dealt with dirty water pouring out of their faucets.
Brown-colored water has been Maxine Breeden's reality in her home since 2020. Not much has changed since News 12 most recently visited her apartment almost two years ago.
Breeden says residents are afraid the water will kill them.
"It brings you to tears to think that you put every dollar you have in this place and it's not a safe place. I have nowhere to go," she said.
She's not alone.
News 12 spoke to a handful of people at Jamie Towers on Friday who are forced to use bottled water for everything. They also use baby wipes on their faucets as makeshift water filters, which look like coffee filters when removed.
"You can't cook in it, you can't wash, you can't eat. This needs to be addressed," said resident Phyllis Gray.
Breeden is leading the charge for clean water and even paid to have the water recently tested, which she said shows it's full of contaminants.
"Carcinogens, I mean barium, magnesium, lead, I mean the list is just long what's inside of that water, and it's not fair," Breeden said.
Neighbor Lourdes Arroyo said the water has caused her health issues, including losing her hair. She said she prays every night that she'll wake up the next day.
"I want to move out of here, but I cannot afford it, you know. I don't want to die, I want to live, I want to enjoy my retirement," she said.
Breeden said she's still involved in ongoing court litigation against the management company to get the water cleaned up.
News 12 reached out to the management company for a statement but had not heard back as of Friday evening.