Jeremiah Program New York helping single mothers across the country

Jeremiah Program New York was founded in 1993 and has been helping single moms across the country and now its provided resources are important during the coronavirus pandemic. 
Tiffany Balgrove is a mother of three and was a new business owner last year but was courageous enough to ask for help when she needed it the most.
“The business went low... food, access to making sure I get them clothes, and things like that. That kind of had to die down.. so, it hurt me, that I wasn’t able to provide enough,” said Balgrove. 
However, with help from Jeremiah Program New York in Brooklyn, they not only aided her needs--but for her three young children. 
“Right now I’m studying for my GED and in the future, I’m trying to attain my BA in education... child care, which was great because sometimes, we get to these things and it’s so great, and we don’t have any child care services,” said Balgrove. 
Balgrove is one of many single moms who are receiving support services and a second chance towards a brighter future. 
“There will be 30 moms after the completion of this incoming class, 29 to be exact. But it’s important to remember these are moms,” said Chastity Lord, Jeremiah Program President and CEO.
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, News 12 is told the need for help is greater than ever before. 
While many face challenges, the program says they welcome single moms with open arms.