Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine batch fails quality check

A batch of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccines has been ruined because of a mistake by workers at a manufacturing plant, according to officials.
J&J won't say how many doses of the one-shot vaccine were ruined at a plant in Baltimore. However, the New York Times reports the number is 15 million.
A vaccine ingredient made by Emergent BioSolutions, one of about 10 companies that J&J is using to speed up manufacturing, did not meet quality standards.
J&J released a statement saying no impacted doses will make it to the public.
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"This quality control process identified one batch of drug substance that did not meet quality standards at Emergent BioSolutions, a site not yet authorized to manufacture drug substance for our COVID-19 vaccine. This batch was never advanced to the filling and finishing stages of our manufacturing process," says J&J.
This morning, the FDA says it is aware and investigating.
Some have expressed concern about those who already got the J&J vaccine and what it means for them. However, the company said no doses made it to the public.
Despite the setback, J&J said it still expects to deliver more than 1 billion vaccine doses globally by the end of the year.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says next week's vaccine allocation in New York will not be affected, but it is not clear what will happen to the supply after that.