Judge denies new trial for Nelson Cruz in 1998 East New York murder

Nelson Cruz, a man who was convicted 21 years ago, was denied a new trial or dismissal of the case Thursday, much to the dismay of his family in the courtroom.
Cruz was convicted of murder at the age of 17 and has maintained that he was wrongfully convicted in the killing of Trevor Viera in East New York back in 1998.
The judge denied Cruz's motion for either a new trial or dismissal of the case because she says the defense failed to provide enough evidence to prove he is innocent.
The defense alleges that the former NYPD detectives Louis Scarcella and Stephen Chmil coerced a witness to identify Cruz in the murder. They also say that police who witnessed the murder say Cruz was not at the crime scene.
After the judge made her ruling, Cruz's family was seen falling apart, many of them in tears. One family member shouted "I love you" before he was taken away from the courtroom.
The defense attorney says he's planning to file an appeal to the judge's ruling as he continues to fight for the case to be overturned.