Judge recommends no punishment for officers in killing of Kawaski Trawick

Local activists and the family of Kawaski Trawick are speaking out once again after they say an NYPD judge recommended no punishment for the officer involved in Trawick's death in 2019.
Trawick was tased and shot four times at his own apartment by Officer Brendan Thompson within two minutes of Thompson and his partner Herbert Davis arriving at Trawick's door. The Civilian Complaint Review Board found the pair guilty of misconduct in 2021.
According to reports from the publication The City, Deputy Commissioner Rosemarie Maldonado says the CCRB waited until after the statute of limitations had expired. Although this judge's ruling is just a recommendation, Trawick's loved ones say their fight for justice is far from over.
Body camera footage from that day showed Davis urging Thompson not to shoot. Trawick had called 911 himself after being locked out of his apartment.