Kaleidoscope Gallery gift shop hit with shortage on sweatshirts, toys during the holiday

The season of shortages continues in New York City, including a City Island art and gift shop struggling to keep popular toys and apparel in stock.
Much like its namesake, Kaleidoscope Gallery is a unique and ever-changing shop. For 11 years, owner Paul Klein has curated a collection of toys, gifts, jewelry and work of local artists. Now, he says keeping certain items in stock has gotten tricky.
"I've never seen supply chain issues really like this. The biggest issue has been in fabric, in T-shirts, in sweatshirts," Klein says.
Klein's shop sells custom-designed City Island-shaped lobster apparel. However, it can no longer be found in a zipper hoodie, which they've always carried. He's switched to pull-over because zipper hooded sweatshirts aren't available in any color. He says he's experiencing shortages across the board.
"Certain toys and certain products are just unavailable. I mean, some of the best sellers I just can't get."
His advice for holiday shoppers is if they see something they like, they might as well buy it then because the next time it might not be there.
Klein says when he can get a toy supply in, he's being charged higher prices, so he's also had to raise the sale price on some items in his shop.
He also encourages shoppers to support small businesses this holiday season.