Kingsbridge Heights tenants claim elevator has been out of service for 3 months

Tenants in a Kingsbridge Heights building claim their elevator has been out of service for three months with no answers and lots of frustration. 
Daniel Viruet tells News 12 he lives on the sixth floor at 2487 Davidson Ave. He says every step he takes is filled with excruciating pain. 
“Coming down, you see me, how hard it is and it's difficult,” said Viruet.
He says he is forced to make the painful trip because the elevator in the six-story building is out of service. He says it has been this way for three months.
“The elevator is still the same way, you don't see any mechanics outside or service,” said Viruet. 
News 12 has learned that the building is owned by Ved Pakash, Pakash 2911 LLC. 
Pakash owns several buildings in the Bronx and has landed on the city’s worst landlord list in prior years. 
According to the city’s Department of Buildings website, complaints about the elevator at the property go back more than a decade. 
The most recent complaint was made on Feb. 11. The DOB responded to the issue saying, “The landlords at 2487 Davidson Avenue have a legal obligation to provide safe and reliable elevator service to their tenants. DOB inspectors will be routed to the building today to determine the status of the ongoing repair project to restore the elevator to safe working service."
The DOB tells News 12 that it issued a violation to the landlord in September of last year after inspectors found that the elevator was inoperable and no action was being taken to restore service. 
Since December, Big Apple Elevator Industries has been working to repair the elevator, saying that the problems are extensive. 
The company says it is working with a manufacturer and that everything should be ready by the end of the week to get the elevator in service by next Wednesday.