Las Vegas PD to compare Rex Heuermann's DNA with DNA recovered in the case of murdered NJ mom

The Turn To Tara team has learned that the Las Vegas Police Department's DNA lab will be conducting a "direct comparison" this week of suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann’s DNA with DNA recovered in the case of murdered NJ mom Victoria Camara.
Results are expected in six to eight weeks. The situation could expand to include four other cold cases that News 12 has reported on in recent weeks. All of the cases involve young sex workers in Las Vegas who were killed in similar circumstances to the Gilgo Beach victims.
Savanah Camara says she only has photographs left to remind her of her mother, Victoria, because she was barely 1 year old when her 17-year-old mom was discovered dead off a remote Las Vegas highway.
"Somebody took my mom's life without regard," she says.
Camara, a Nyack High School graduate who now lives in the Bronx, says she's been searching for answers for as long as she can remember.
She says she's now somewhat in disbelief that there might be a break in the case on the two-decade anniversary of her mother's death.
Whether or not it turns out that Rex Heuermann had a hand in her mother's death, Camara is hoping all the renewed focus on her cold case will result in justice for her family.
"I just hope it gets us the answers we've all been looking for. Honestly, it will definitely help a lot," she says.
During News 12's jailhouse interview with Suffolk County Sheriff Errol D. Toulon Jr. this week, he weighed in on the expanding investigation out west where Heuermann has owned a timeshare for the past two decades.
"I do feel that there's similarities, it's very scary," he says. "When you see the deaths, the type of women that were killed, the occupation that they were in... it all resonates to this one particular person."