Latest COVID-19 numbers redesignate areas in Brooklyn, Bronx into yellow zones

Parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx have been designated into different coronavirus restriction zones based on the latest numbers.
An area of East New York and part of Cypress Hills now fall into the yellow zone, but is classified under the Queens map because of how close it is to the Queens border. However, that area is not the only part of Brooklyn designated as a yellow zone.
Other parts of Brooklyn like parts of Midwood, Flatbush and Gravesend have also been designated as a yellow zone after having been designated orange.
The new yellow zone had been in the orange zone up until this week, while the area that had been the yellow zone is now no longer classified as any zone.
In the Bronx, the state split the borough into an east and west cluster with both of those clusters now considered a yellow zone.
Parts of High Bridge, University Heights, Soundview, and Mott Haven are now within those yellow zones.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the reason for the change in zone designations is because of the uptick in positive cases in these areas.
Citywide, Mayor Bill de Blasio says the average seven-day positivity rate is slightly higher at 3.01% as of Thursday.
So what does being in a yellow zone mean?
There are some restrictions on the number of people who can gather at places of worship, indoor dining is allowed, but there are some restrictions there as well.
City and state officials are encouraging people to get tested.
A testing site is scheduled to be open at Sutter Avenue in East New York Friday morning, but there are several across the city.