Lawmaker pushes for more parking in Brighton Beach

A Brooklyn councilman is pushing to get additional parking in Brighton Beach as residents voice concern over congestion.
Councilman Chaim Deutsch says his constituents alerted him to the parking issue, which is worse in the summer when tourists and local residents go to the beach and amusements. Deutsch has met with the MTA and Department of Transportation to discuss the possibility of turning two unused plots of land under the F/Q train into metered parking spots.
Deutsch says in addition to parking troubles, residents who live near the train are bothered by the screeching noises. He says he is working with the MTA to come up with a plan on how to reduce the noise level.
"We met last week and discussed trains slowing down to 5 miles per hour when they get around the bend," says Deutsch.
Residents also want something done about the debris that is thrown from the elevated train overpass.
Deutsch says the MTA president is open to addressing the concerns. He hopes to reach some kind of solid resolution in the near future.