LeFrak Center at Lakeside opens ice rink for the holiday season in Prospect Park

If you enjoy winter sports – a popular seasonal activity is back in Brooklyn.
Skaters can enjoy slipping, sliding and gliding across the LeFrak Center at Lakeside's ice skating rink.
They opened their doors on Nov. 4 and many people have already started lacing up their skates and enjoying the scenery of Prospect Park.
Kids and adults of all ages and skill levels also attended skate school – multiple group skating sessions or one-on-one skating lessons.
Karina Manta has been skating for more than 20 years and she said nothing brings her more joy than sharing something she loves with new people.
"I love meeting new people. I love that moment when people first get on the ice and showing them if they're nervous that it’s a thing they can do," she said.
The rink is open for everyone seven days a week. Starting the weekend of Nov. 11, the uncovered skating rink will make its debut for those who enjoy the crisp winter air.
Michael Schulman is the rink manager. He says when skaters progress in skill, it makes all the falls worth it.
"It's joy. Its excitement and we're all amped up here, ready for the winter season," said Schulman.
The rink will be open until March – so grab your skates, bundle up, and head over to Lakeside for some chilly but delightful fun.