'Like I was taking a shower in a lake' – Fordham Hill Oval Co-op tenants complain about water

There is something in the water at Fordham Hill Oval Co-op, and residents say it's not the first time this has happened.
Myrna Calderon lives at Fordham Hill Oval, and she noticed something was off last week.
"I took a shower and it smelled like I was taking a shower in a lake," says Calderon. "It smells bad ... it tastes bad, and it's cloudy."
Water issues were a problem tenants and people elsewhere in the city dealt with last October when more of their water was coming from a Croton source than usual, according to the Norwood News. Usually, residents receive a blend of Croton and Catskill water.
Those affected noticed cloudy water coming out of their faucets that tasted "earthy" and metallic.
Councilman Fernando Cabrera, who says he is personally affected, says he and other residents weren't notified of the water switch.
"People started calling DEP from our office, and finally we're told 'yes the water source has been changed,' ... DEP needs to be transparent," says Cabrera.
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection does inform customers on its website that these changes are temporary and do not pose a safety risk. But Cabrera and affected residents are demanding transparency so they can prepare bottled water for cooking, showering and drinking.