Lime launching mopeds across Brooklyn, Queens with ‘safety’ as top priority

Lime is launching 100 mopeds across Brooklyn, Queens and lower Manhattan Saturday.
The company’s competitor Revel was taken off the road for a bit after three fatalities last year, which is why they say safety is a top priority. 
"In that helmet box, we have infrared technology. That is the first time it has ever existed within a shared context, where we are detecting it has a helmet, and we also know if you have taken out a helmet at the beginning of the ride and so if you don't have the helmet on, we can send you a reminder or even slow that ride down,” said CEO Wayne Ting. 
When you first download the app, you'll have to go through an entire safety course to learn the ins and outs of the moped. 
There's also an extra step to confirm your identity. Its coverage will be similar to Revel, with a wider presence in Southeast Brooklyn and eventually will expand to the Bronx. 
The shared electric vehicle company plans to launch 500 more mopeds and jobs as rider demand grows.