Local nonprofit kicks off summer events to build stronger community

A local nonprofit is empowering people of all ages and bringing the community together through a series of summer events.

News 12 Staff

May 31, 2024, 10:24 PM

Updated 23 days ago


The nonprofit, Brooklyn FAM, held an art event on Friday for tweens and teens. They're creating stamps that reflect what reminds them of home.
This is all part of a larger project called Coming Home - a 13-foot tablecloth representing voices of different Brooklyn residents.
Some of the staff members of the nonprofit tell News 12 that the goal is to remind people of their similarities, not their differences.
"We want young people to be inspired by each others differences and to kind of find enjoyment by seeing what's different and then connect," said Tara Page, youth fellowship coordinator for Brooklyn FAM.
The nonprofit will host Celebrate Canarsie, starting on June 20 and ending on June 23.

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