Local organizations, volunteers come together after Puerto Rico earthquake

After a series of earthquakes hit Puerto Rico, local organizations and volunteers came together to help those in need.
Puerto Rico has been in a state of emergency after a 10-day string of earthquakes. It has resulted in the death of one person, injuring at least eight others and leaving homes and communities destroyed.
This is why Brooklyn Give Back, Eyes in the Sky, and Your Network Caring Community Advocate are teaming up to send much-needed supplies to those affected.
Evelis Rivera with Brooklyn Give Back tells News 12 this is not the first time they've gathered volunteers and resources to make a difference. She says they sent supplies to the island after Hurricane Maria and also helped those who came to New York to find shelter.
"You would see their eyes light up, even the little kids, and it wasn't like we are giving them toys or candy or anything, these were basic necessities," said Rivera.
Donations can be dropped off at St. Lucy Old Roman Catholic Church on Kent Avenue and the Lucille Roberts on 89th Street.
They're hoping to have more volunteers and drop-off locations soon. Both locations will begin taking donations on Thursday, and the hope is that they will be able to send out the first shipment next Wednesday.