Local teen’s nonprofit helps feed thousands in NYC and Israel

One local teen’s nonprofit is using the technology of hydroponic farming to help feed thousands in New York City and even people abroad in Israel.  
Steven Hoffen is just 14 years old, but the founder of Growing Peace Inc. has done so much important work to aid vulnerable communities.  
“What keeps me going, it’s seeing the smiles on the people’s faces who I work with,” said Hoffen. “And, seeing young kids work with hydroponic systems.” 
Hoffen first learned about this farming system on a trip to Israel where he shadowed a group called Sindyanna of Galilee, an Israel nonprofit that builds hydroponic farms on rooftops of homes.  
He says he was inspired to create a documentary called “Growing Peace in the Middle East.” It took home several awards and was featured in over 70 film festivals worldwide. He’s taken that inspiration and now helps feed some of the most underserved communities in New York and over in Tel Aviv.  
Hoffen says his next plan is to install a hydroponic system in a local women’s prison, hoping to make a big impact and introduce incarcerated women to this sort of endeavor.