Loved ones and NYPD honor life of Harry Ryman on 43-year-anniversary of his death

Members of the NYPD and loved ones celebrated the life of Officer Harry Ryman, who was shot and killed while off-duty 43 years ago while attempting to stop a car robbery by his home.  
Friends, family, and NYPD members gathered inside the 60th Precinct in Coney Island to honor the late officer. His grandson, Detective Matthew Ryan, says he hopes to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps.
“Ever since I was a young boy, he inspired me to want to become a police officer,” said Detective Ryan. “I still have his locker to this day.” 
Detective Matthew Ryan started at the 60th Precinct just like his grandfather, and joined his grandfather’s partner in recalling his accomplishments and spirit.  
“He ordered a Christmas tree for them,” said Phil Ferrante, Harry Ryman’s partner, about one of Harry’s many charitable moments for a family in need. “[He] gave them presents, gave money for gifts… that was the kind of person he was.” 
A memorial now stands in his honor 43 years later, and his family and fellow officers vow to keep his legacy alive.