Loved ones, local organizations rallying in search for Shamari Brantley

A vigil was held on Thursday with loved ones and local crisis management groups as the search continues for Shamari Brantley.
Brantley's family says it has nearly been two months since they last heard from her back on Aug. 31. Multiple organizations, including Save Our Streets, Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence and Bronx Connect came out to support the family.
Brantley was last tracked to New York City after her phone was found in the Bronx at the Zerega Avenue subway station on the No. 6 line. Her family says she has struggled with her mental health, but that it is out of character for her to disappear with no word to her family.
Investigators say that they were able to see a call to a New York number on the discovered phone and have identified that person, who has not cooperated with police at this time.