Maimonides Medical Center welcomes first all-female surgical resident class

According to U.S. News and World Report, the surgical profession is still a largely male-dominated field – something Maimonides Medical Center is looking to change.
This coming Saturday marks National Female Physician Day, a day honoring women who are breaking barriers and paving the way for other women in the medical field.
Maimonides welcomed its first-ever all-female class of surgical residents last July. For Dr. Rebecca Rhee, director of general surgeon residents at Maimonides, her students are a perfect reflection of the rise in women in the surgery field.
"I think its really just a sign of the changing of the times,” said Rhee. "You really can have it all, in terms of having a family, and being a successful career woman, and I think us having an all-female class really demonstrates that."
These women are hard at work from the crack of dawn, tirelessly bouncing around to set up procedures, reviewing medical charts and operating on patients in need.
“Being a woman in this hospital, I think it's really special. I mean I think there was a time when not a lot of female physicians walked the halls of this hospital,” said Dr. Tharini Ghara. “You always have to pass the torch to those that are behind you and pave the way.”