‘Major reopening’ coming soon for New York City businesses

New York City is on the brink of what Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling a “major reopening.”
The bar and restaurant industry will be eligible to have 75% capacity by Friday.
The curfew for outdoor dining will be lifted, which means bars and restaurants will be able to stay open as late as they want on May 17.
The MTA will resume around-the-clock subway operations on the same day.
Mayor Bill de Blasio previously announced the city would fully reopen in July.
On May 19, most capacity restrictions will be lifted.
There will be no limitations on how many people can be at the gym, office, retail and food services.
Face coverings will still be required at businesses and guests must continue to keep a 6-foot distance if businesses don’t require proof of negative coronavirus tests or vaccinations.
Commuters say they are excited for the reopening, but still think it’s important to keep social distancing in place.
Others say they are excited to be able to be with more than just a few family members and friends so they can socialize better.
There will still be limitations on larger indoor and outdoor venues.
Capacity for those events will increase to 33% for those events, but residents will still need to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to go to a game or see a concert.