Man allegedly catapulted into wall by police car blames officers for injuries

Hector Candelier, 24, says he received multiple injuries from the chase, including staples holding together his head, and wounds all over his body.

News 12 Staff

Jul 25, 2019, 11:37 PM

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A Queens man claims he was injured after a run-in with the police in Cypress Hills.
The chase ended on Jamaica Avenue and Barbey Street very early Saturday morning. Hector Candelier, 24, says he was hanging out with some friends late Friday night when police began chasing them. He then took off on his motorized scooter.
The Queens resident says he was struck by a police car and catapulted against a wall. Candelier says he ended up with injuries including staples holding together his head and wounds all over his body.
"They almost killed me," says Candelier. "I have a scar now, I lost teeth. They really did me dirty man."
The NYPD denies he was hit, saying he lost control of the scooter and fell off.
They say this started because officers spotted Candelier on the scooter without a helmet and tried to stop him for a safety violation. Candelier remained in police custody at the hospital and was later charged with reckless endangerment and several traffic violations.
The NYPD says the incident is under internal review, but at this point in the investigation, it says the police car did not touch Candelier's scooter.

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