Man chases phony cops during Brooklyn burglary

Police say a trio of phony cops shot a homeowner in the leg during a botched burglary Thursday night.
The three suspects, who wore bullet-proof vests, allegedly attempted to steal a safe from an East 15th Street home. However, neighbors say the homeowner didn?t sit back idly during the robbery. They say the man chased the three suspects down the street, and was shot in the thigh during the pursuit.
Police say the men had to ditch the safe in an alley during their getaway. They also ran through the next-door neighbor?s backyard, where one of them was captured. One neighbor said she saw one of the men snooping around her backyard months ago, posing as a Con Edison worker. She said he ran off when she called for her husband.
Police recovered a gun near the scene. They believe the two remaining suspects are still on the loose and may be armed. The 47-year-old victim is in stable condition at Kings County Hospital.