Man lying in road struck in hit-and-run

A man was struck Monday morning in a hit-and-run incident in Bushwick at around 2 a.m.
Video surveillance shows a man being hit by a car after he lies in the road near the intersection of Broadway and Putnam Avenue.
The video from a grocery store at the corner shows a man walking to the middle of Broadway and then lying in the middle of the street. He is then run over by an SUV about two minutes later.
It's unclear why the person was in the road, he has not yet been identified by police.
The man was taken to Woodhall Medical Center where he remains in serious condition.
People in the area told News 12 that they've spotted the man lying in the middle of the street many times and that he's well known in the area.
Police are searching for a Jeep that didn't stop as well as the driver of the car.