Man picks up wrong child from Brownsville school

Police say a 6-year-old girl walked off with a complete stranger last week after leaving her Brownsville school.
The man picked up the girl from P.S. 189. They then walked, hand in hand, about six blocks before the man released the girl to her 10-year-old brother who had followed them. A surveillance camera image shows the trio on the street.
News 12 is told that the stranger was an elderly man with no ill intent. Investigators concluded it was a case of mistaken identity -- the man had simply picked up the wrong child from school.
Sources say the girl was supposed to attend an after-school program run by the Brooklyn Children's Museum but decided not to. Instead, she was released by the school at dismissal.
The Brooklyn Children's Museum says it met with the school principal and Department of Education to ensure clear communication and to reinforce safe dismissal procedures.