Man starts online Canarsie Hall of Fame to honor important community members

Although the names may not all be household names, the list of those inducted into the Canarsie Hall of Fame have made an impact in the community.
The neighborhood’s unofficial historian, Ramon Martinez, created the Canarsie Hall of Fame to honor the lives of the many important people in the community.
"I just wanted to recognize a lot of the people that cared and contributed to the community,” says Martinez.
The Hall of Fame features judges, school administrators and ordinary people who lived or worked in the neighborhood and volunteered their time to the community.

"These people went to civic meetings, they put together civic meetings,” says Martinez.

Martinez says many people that were often overlooked often had roles shaping the community.
"If someone wanted to research Canarsie history, where do they go? It's not in the libraries,” says Martinez.

The only place to find the Canarsie Hall of Fame is online.

"We have a lot of former Canarsiens that don't live in Canarsie anymore. But they remember Canarsie. And so how would they be able to access it?” says Martinez.