Many stranded as delays, cancellations rack up at LaGuardia Airport

Delays and cancellations are flying up across the board at LaGuardia Airport, leaving dozens of travelers stranded.  
A total of 273 flights have been delayed and 246 flights have been canceled that were coming into and flying out of the New York airport Monday night.  
For college student Don Dang, who flew with friends to NYC to embark on a business venture, a flight home spent studying turned into a night spent on the phone with customer service.  
“I got a final exam tomorrow, I don’t know what they’re going to do about it,” said Dang, who says his flight was canceled five hours before they were supposed to board, and that he’s been at the airport ever since.  
"We're trying to get at least a voucher for the hotel, for the next 2 days… something to reimburse us, but we went over there, and they told me they couldn’t do anything because of the weather,” said Dang.  
Some passengers spoke with News 12, saying they’ll be sleeping at the airport until they figure out their next steps.