March shines light on Trump's decision to end TPS for Central Americans

Dozens of people marched over the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday to protest the Trump administration's decision to end temporary protection status for thousands of Central Americans. 
Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke announced the end of TPS for Nicaraguans and implied Honduras' TPS designation could end in six months.
The administration has just days to decide what to do with TPS status of thousands of Haitian immigrant families.
"Families are going to be forced to be separate. The ones who choose to stay here in the shadows, they're going to be very uncomfortable," said Emmanuel Depas, a member of the Haitian American Lawyers Association of New York. 
TPS was created for people whose home countries were struck by natural disasters, conflicts or health hazards. Advocates say Haitians who came to America after the devastating 2010 earthquake will be forced to return to an unstable country. 
Opponents to TPS say it was never meant to be a permanent solution and that previous administrations have ignored immigration laws.
The Trump administration has until Nov. 22 to make their decision on Haitian immigrants.