Masks, face shields and plexiglass: Free photos with Santa Claus in 2020

A visit with Santa Claus looks different this year at the Bass Pro Shops Santa's Wonderland in Bridgeport because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Those wishing to see Santa this year will have to make an appointment online before arriving for their free photos, employees say.
Once inside the store, customers are required to wear a mask and remain six feet apart from each other.
There are stickers on the floor which help as a reminder for customers to keep socially distant.
The big guy can be seen waiting behind a plexiglass enclosure where children will have the opportunity to sit on the opposite side and tell Santa what they want for Christmas.
Santa is also protected with a face shield and his helper elves clean the plexiglass after each interaction with the public.
It's all part of Bass Pro Shops’ safety measures during the pandemic.
When asked by News 12's Mark Sudol what message he had for the world, Santa replied, "Don't lose hope. Joy, hope and love is what the world needs more of, especially this year."
Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops runs from Nov. 7 through Dec. 24.