Mayor Adams and NYPD: Apple AirTags essential to combat car thefts

Adams says the devices will help drivers find their vehicle and allow officers to be strategic when handling pursuits.

News 12 Staff

Apr 30, 2023, 10:24 PM

Updated 388 days ago


Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD Chief John Chell announced a new initiative to combat car thefts in the city.
It’s a simple yet innovative piece of technology — an Apple AirTag. They can be hidden anywhere in a car and the Global Positioning System tracker will notify the driver when their car is on the move. It is monitored directly from a user's iPhone.
Adams said this will help drivers find their stolen vehicle and allow officers to be strategic when handling pursuits.
Chell said the 43rd Precinct is leading the city in car thefts with 207 vehicles stolen this year alone. To prevent that number from rising, the precinct began distributing Apple AirTags.
Chell and Adams said Kia and Hyundai cars are being targeted due to a manufacture recall. They say nearly 1,000 of these two makes have been reported stolen since January. They also said these stolen vehicles are being used in major crimes.
They now hope these AirTags being hidden in cars can catch the people behind the crimes and return the vehicles to their owners.
The NYPD reminded people to lock their cars and not to leave any valuables inside or in sight.

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