Mayor Adams announces Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan will be used as migrant resource center

As New York City continues to deal with hundreds of migrants arriving each day, Mayor Eric Adams has announced that the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan will be used as a migrant resource center.
Since the city took in 65,000 asylum seekers, many residents have questioned where officials plan to have them stay. A tent was set up at Orchard Beach in the Bronx and was later moved to Roosevelt Island. Other proposed locations included Floyd Bennet Field and a school gym in Brooklyn.
Adams says the Roosevelt Hotel, which has been closed since 2020 due to COVID-19, will now be used to house arriving migrants.
The hotel contains over 1,000 rooms. Adams says they will start with 175 for children and families before eventually using 850.
The hotel is located close to Port Authority, where many migrants have been arriving.
According to a statement, the city hopes that the hotel can become a centralized place for asylum seekers with access to health, legal assistance and job placement opportunities.
Although the city has not seen the 1,000 asylum seekers predicted to arrive daily since the expiration of Title 42, several hundred continue to arrive. City officials say in addition to housing space, more money from national and state governments is needed.