Mayor Adams addresses asylum seekers, MTA budget in Tin Cup Day meeting

New York City Mayor Eric Adams tackled a number of issues impacting the city, including the influx of asylum seekers.

News 12 Staff

Feb 15, 2023, 11:40 AM

Updated 464 days ago


Mayor Eric Adams pleaded his case in front of state lawmakers Wednesday at a legislative budget hearing on a myriad of issues regarding New York City.
Also known as Tin Cup Day, the hearing includes mayors across the state gathering to discuss issues they'd like to tackle in their own cities. Adams highlighted four topics: jobs, public safety, housing and care for the influx of asylum seekers coming to New York City.
Adams says the disproportionate share of serious crime on the city streets is being committed by roughly 2,000 recidivists. In his testimony, the mayor praised Gov. Kathy Hochul for including bail reform in her executive budget and giving judges more discretion in the court room.
He adds the state needs to make a major investment into the district attorneys and public defenders to ensure a defendant's rights to a speedy trial.
As for the asylum seekers, the mayor says cuts and cost shifts will have a significant impact. Adams claims the city will spend over $4 billion on the crisis by the middle of next year and will need more than $1.2 billion in state and federal funds.
Overall, the mayor says the governor's budget includes requirements the city cannot support.

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