Mayor Adams, Gov. Hochul ask federal government for support once again amid worsening migrant crisis

Officials say New York City's migrant crisis isn't getting better and urge the nation to do more to support the city.
More than 90,000 migrants have arrived in the city in just one year. Mayor Eric Adams has been stressing for months that the city doesn't have the infrastructure or the money to maintain this humanitarian crisis without support from the Biden administration.
The New York Immigration Coalition, and other organizations, held a press conference Wednesday saying very little has changed since the first arrivals came a year ago.
NYIC says the city has remained in emergency response mode, and the mayor's tune has changed from welcoming asylum seekers.
The organization adds the city must create pathways for permanent housing because there is no room in the shelter system. Currently, Adams says there are 100,000 New Yorkers in the shelter system.
They are also calling on the expansion of housing vouchers regardless of immigration status.
Another issue they are fighting for is legal support for migrants to secure stability in New York City.