Mayor Adams holds safety briefing ahead of school year

With a new school year just days away, Mayor Eric Adams and Department of Education Chancellor David Banks held a school safety briefing to share how the city will ensure this school year is a safe one.  
The city is implementing a new door locking system for all elementary schools, with plans to expand this program to all city public schools by the end of the year.  
“Anyone who shows up at the school will press the buzzer. They will be seen on camera by the school safety agent at the front door, they will be able to communicate with them, they will present their ID and the reason for them being there before we grant entry,” said Banks.  
Banks also says that the number of school safety officers will be up to 4,100, with another 250 in the next graduating class in October.  
“I went to Stevenson High School…. they didn’t have locks, they had metal detectors. But I think now you have to take more precaution,” said Bronx resident Lynette Lloyd, who is happy with the safety changes.  
The city will also launch a tipline this fall for the public to report safety concerns and information regarding schools.  
The chancellor also covered a new initiative that will focus on helping kids handle stress, giving them chances to go through breathing exercises daily for two to four minutes to help relieve any signs of trauma.