Mayor Adams increases security around menorah displays and Jewish events throughout city

Mayor Eric Adams announced Friday that there will be increased security around menorah displays and Jewish events throughout New York City.
Adams says there has been a 250% rise in antisemitic and anti-Muslim attacks and vandalism.
This comes just days after authorities released surveillance video of a suspect pushing over and damaging a menorah in Sunset Park.
Adams called for peace and unity amid the spike in hate crimes. He also promised that “those who commit these evil acts will be brought to justice.”
Local residents have felt the recent pressures and rise in hate crimes firsthand. According to the Anti-Defamation League, over 1,400 hate crimes have taken place against Jewish people in the United States since the start of the Israel-Hamas War on Oct. 7.
"Locally, as you walk down the street, you see people starring at you, people making comments," said Crown Heights resident Isser Boyarsky. "The meaning of the holiday of Hanukkah is spreading light, enlightening the world and bringing love and kindness to our family, to our friends, to our communities, to dispelling this element of hatred."