Mayor Adams launches 'Ur In Luck' initiative to make public restrooms more accessible

Over the next five years, 82 new and revitalized bathrooms will make their way to the five boroughs.

Marissa Santorelli

Jun 4, 2024, 3:09 AM

Updated 9 days ago


Ten of these new bathrooms them will be slated for the Bronx, and 23 for Brooklyn. This is all in an effort to make New York City public restrooms more accessible and equitable.
"We came into office with a clear mission: livability, public safety and ensure that we improve the quality of life for everyday New Yorkers, and access to public restrooms is one of those important initiatives," Mayor Eric Adams said today.
The 36 restrooms being renovated will be improved with the installation of additional stalls and accessibility upgrades, as well as energy-efficient features. This comes after a major push for new changing stations across all New York City public restrooms.
The mayor also announced a new way to locate bathrooms in your area. This features a new layer on Google that allows users to locate New York City public restrooms in their area with the press of a button. "That's why we made a new Google Maps layer that you can access on your phone. This would allow you New Yorkers to know where to go when they have to go," the mayor added.
One of these new restrooms is already in Brooklyn, located at the Fidler-Wyckoff House Park. It is freshly renovated and launched last month. The mayor said that they are ahead of schedule.
News 12 asked Brooklyn residents how they felt about these changes, and it was very well-received.
"You're always, like, walking around in New York, so you always need somewhere to use the bathroom and you don't want to go somewhere dirty," said Breanna.

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