Mayor de Blasio: 51,000 students opting for in-person learning can return to school April 26

A total of 51,000 students have opted back in for in-person learning and can head back into New York City schools starting April 26, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.
The final day to opt in for in-person learning was Friday. It allowed families who chose all remote learning to transition their children into blended learning.
The 51,000 includes 26,500 students in 3K through fifth grade, 10,000 middle school students, 13,000 high school students and 1,500 District 75 students.
De Blasio and New York City School Chancellor Meisha Porter say the children already in school will remain in the same program as they were.
Hundreds of thousands of students have decided to return to school, but the mayor says that will change by the fall.
“By the beginning of September, you’re going to see such widespread vaccination in the city, and I really believe you’re going to see a really low level of cases at citywide, and I think it’s going to be an entirely different environment,” the mayor says. “We’re going to continue so many of the measures that have worked in our schools. I think the vast majority of parents are going to want their children back in school five days a week and that’s what we’re planning on.”
Those in first grade and higher who are returning to school must submit a consent for in-school coronavirus testing.
The Department of Education says mandatory in-school testing will happen weekly, and the students and staff will be chosen at random.