Mayor, health commissioner warn at-risk New Yorkers to stop all non-essential activities

New measures need to be taken to keep the most vulnerable people in the city safe.
That’s the message from health and city officials as the COVID-19 positivity rate continues to rise.
Mayor Bill de Blasio let New Yorkers know this morning that the second wave is bearing down on the city, saying that we do have the tools to fight back and that everyone needs to step up to protect seniors and those with pre-existing conditions.
The city's health commissioner is issuing a public health notice, warning at risk New Yorkers to stop all non-essential activities. That means staying in as much as possible and avoiding social activities outside of their households.
The commissioner added that while non-essential activities are discouraged, getting medical care is essential, both for COVID-19 and for routine care.
The mayor added that everyone needs to start taking additional precautions to stop the spread of the virus.